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Technical Interview

Learn the new age skills which are relevant for any corporate job. We have content on Digital Marketing, Technology Courses, Big Data & Analytics & Business Productivity courses like MS Office, MS Project

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HR Interview

Learn the tricks & tips on how to clear an interview. Read about HR questions, aptitude problem types, body language and technical tips. A good resume (CV) is the gateway. Prepare well for job interviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. We help students, freshers & working professionals prepare good resumes. We have good resume template for students, freshers & working professionals. Our cv builder software helps prepare good curriculum vitaes. You can select a good resume format and submt your details as per the form. We take care of the resume formatting, check for spelling and grammer errors. If there are any error we rectify it. A resume is the gateway to any job interview process. Build a great resume from our good CV formats.

Ans. A good resume (CV) is the first step for getting shortlisted. Any HR Consultancy or company has to go through hundreds of resumes to shortlist candidates for the interview round. Your resume must stand out both in terms of appearance and the content. A first impression has to be the best impression which should make a mark on the interviewer even before the interview starts. Build a great resume with our CV builder. Select from a wide range of cv templates and create your resume for any occassion be it internship or jobs.

Ans. The most important skill to be fully prepared about is the skill which the company is looking out for. The area where you are required to work when you join the company in the respective role. Apart from that, you should be through with all the skills which you have mentioned on your resume. Create a resume which has relevant skills mentioned and prepare for the interview questions before hand.

Ans. The companies both global & local are moving towards online presence and are embracing technological adavancements very fast. In 2017, Big Data & Analytics, Digital (Online) Marketing, Technology and Business productivity tools like MS Office are very important. Start Learning! Make your resume stand out with these skills. Your CV stands better chance at shortlisting.

Ans. A resume is the gateway to any job. Before you are selected for interview rounds, your resume is checked by the recruiter / hiring manager. In any job interview the key ingredients to give the best performance is Confident Body Language, Clean & Presentable Appearance and Good Knowledge of Skills Mentioned in the resume / Skills which are required for the job.

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